Tuesday, March 29, 2011

60+ Earth Hour

Last Thursday, Mrs.Tanti called the girl 8th grader Scout Chamber Members
When we were gathering in front of the Teachers Room, Mrs.Tanti told her reason why she gathered us
Her reason is; the girl 8th grader Scout Chamber Members will join the Earth Hour at Town Center of Semarang
Our job is to demonstrate PBB and some kind of cheers
It’s a pleasure for everyone, but we guess that Rotun can’t join this occasion
Either when we were gathering there, Rotun didn’t show up
So we assumed that she can’t and her father won’t let her
It wasn’t a thing that makes us really confused
The Earth Hour occasion will start at 7 PM and we have to show our demonstration when the lights are turned off
It’s kind of a show without lights
And the duration isn’t as long as the light turned off; 15 minutes, while the lights turned off in 60 minutes
On Thursday, the entire girl of 8th grader Scout Chamber Members accepted the invitation
Next day, Mega said that her mother won’t let her join it because there’s no one who can pick her up at night while the occasion will be run until night
This problem which made us confused
In the beginning, Ari got an idea; one of the girl of 7th grader Scout Chamber Member will help us fill in the blank positions
But we were saved because Mr.Pit said that the school will send us home one by one with the school bus
Then, in the afternoon Mega sent the entire girl of 8th grader Scout Chamber Members a message on Facebook
It’s about our cheer lyrics
I think the lyrics are very nice and creative (and I think Mega is a good one for making lyrics for songs)
We are agreed to gather up at 21 JHS on Saturday, 4 PM
The clock showed 4 PM on Saturday
We gather up, but not as usual, that day Fuli didn’t late
We had our last practice first for about two hours
After that we had a pray, but we got to wait Mrs.Tanti
We were late a few minutes because Mrs.Tanti was late
Changing plan! Our demonstration will be show at KB Garden (in front of 1 SHS Semarang) and our demo duration is 20 minutes
So we change our destination
When we arrived there, it was dark and only some of lights that turned on by the official
Guess what?? When I saw the official’s shirt, I want of those shirts!
It’s a nice shirt! It has “60+ Earth Hour” picture with black background
I want some!! #mumble
Bad news! The demo court isn’t as wide as we thought!
The court is very small for us so we can’t move too far if something goes wrong
Another bad news for us, the fast is 6 SHS also join this occasion and we have to share our time with them but our PBB and cheers needs for about 15 minutes while we only have 10 minutes for our demo while they have also the same time with us
We changed our strategy as fast as we can
Here’s our new plan : we will have PBB but only 1st variation, 2nd variation, main moves and Stick Kolone, after that the cheer will be show up in 7 minutes and the total time will be 10 minutes
Another bad news, we already set the cheers and memorize it, but Mr.Facthu said we came there not only by the name of 21 JHS but also by the name of Indonesian Scout! Meanwhile our cheer lyrics were full of Michelia and 21 JHS!
What a DOOM!
Why he told us right when we want to show up?!
As fast as we can, we change and rememorize the lyrics
Another doom, Ani as the leader wasn’t really remember about it
So she was angry and told us to shut our mouth up so she can practice by her own
It was dark and only candle lights which show our way
There were a lots of audience...
And a few of them was costume player!
Guess what?? There was a costume player who wore Amagai-taichou from Bleach costume!
What a cool outfit and I want one!
30 secs before we show up, we were nervous because many audience there and we haven't really memorize it...
But we have to do it no matter what...
9.45 PM, we step our first step in the small court
The audience started look at us
Our big voice was the attention center
When we show up there, almost of them laugh and enjoyed with our performance
Anyway, my favorite part is when there was 60+ written by some candles!
After the show, almost of them said "bay scout!"
So many people who said that to us when we walk past through them!
The light was still off, and Mr.Fatchu told us to have a dinner snacking first before we go home
We decided to eat snacking dinner at Tahu Gimbal
A fantastic candle light dinner with girls of Scout Chamber member!
There, we ate dinner together, and some candle lights

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