Friday, May 14, 2010

Old Best Friend

It's true if she is kind
It's fact if she is cute
It's reality if she can make me laugh
But I don't understand why...
After I went live the town
She became a 'conqueror' since I left the town
She thought she is the main character of every manga she knew
If the main character is a male, she'll thought she's the main female character of it
She said to my friends (included my first love) "I'm Amu Hinamori!"
But I dunno what happened to my friends,they just thought if that's the TRUE!!
She thought if she's Rukia Kuchiki,Misaki Ayuzawa,Sakura Haruno,Ichigo Momomiya,Kagome Higurashi and blah blah blah!!
Honestly, I HATE IT!!
Didn't she realized that I want to become a main character too just once? :'( that's cruel...
I always got the 'back stage' characters!
What kinda friend is that?
My first love also claimed that he's Kurosaki Ichigo,Takumi Usui,Sasuke Uchiha,Aoyama Masaya or even Inuyasha!
Grrh...if both of them fell in love each other,why they didn't go in a date?!
And also if he likes Bleach,she'll like it too
If he likes Inuyasha,she'll like it too!
Also he likes Naruto,she'll like it too!!
They always be a couple on an anime...
Something's weird with 'em...
Or maybe her...?
Look,I don't hate her,but I dislikes her who always wanna be 'someone's character'
Why don't she built a story with her as the main character?She dislikes herself?
Why don't she told him the true that she love him?Why she lies with her own heart?
Why she always took the main character?Is she hates herself?
Why she always pretend like that?Wanna hurt me?
Still many un-answer questions about her...
If she think he's her match love for her, why don't she honest to herself or himself?
She don't have to be like that if she love him
But why she never be honest even to her own heart...?

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