Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear Formers

Hey there
Just want to tell my heart's feeling
Honestly, I miss my formers
And this is my heart's want to say
First, (call him Joker because I love him because he's a Joker type)Joker
Miss you Joker, dunno why
I miss your laugh that makes me happy to hear it
I miss your smile with your innocent face
I also miss your funny short message on my mobile
Joker always sits besides me when we were elementary school students
And the teacher always make us more blushes
Like the English teacher said "why both of you not go on a date??" and the science teacher said "I bless both of you to be a couple," also the math teacher said "the perfect couple in our class is talking right now~ hahaha,"
And also the student's parents from my elementary school saw us blushes in front of the court on the canteen! and the student's parents said to my mom "look at your daughter! she's blushing!" *laughing
A boy like you is an extra rare boy of this century *lol
You're smart, clever, talented, romantic, funny, cute, kind, care, not a quite one, active and also a Joker
And I really enjoy those lovely times we spent together
And I miss those special times...
Second, (call him Sky, because he's a fan of Sora on Kingdom Hearts)Sky
What're you doin' now??
I hope you and senior Sarah were just fine
Thanks for everything you gave me when the Students Organization test
You are the one who interviewed me that time
Also when we were on a date beside the School Health Unit, I miss that time
That time, we were on a date accompanied by a song from your friends
Your friends were kind
Then, thank you for the Kingdom Hearts picture on Facebook
That you tagged me as Kairi and you tagged yourself as Sora
And I wonder why you didn't removed the tag until now?? *laughing
I keep it as a memento
When we were on a date, as you know, my face always turns red and after it I always smiles by myself at the class
Anyway, you promised that you wanna teach me play guitar, right?? *laughing
To both of you, do you know??
Both of you raised me up, so I can stand on stormy seas
And when we spent our time together, my heart always beat imperfectly
When I was sad in the middle of rain, you came with an umbrella on your hand
And I really grateful for everything both of you gave me
And there'll be always a place for both of you in my heart even just a little...

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