Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Dreamer's Dreams!

I guess I'm a dreamer!
These are list of my dreams :
1. I wanna be a mangaka so I can match Tite Kubo
2. I wanna take my family traveling around the world so we can be together where ever we go
3. I wanna take my mother to Mecca so she can make her dream come true
4. I wanna take my little brother to Japan so he can smile widely
5. I wanna take my father to England so he'll be happy
6. I wanna be a home schooling student so I can find more experiences
7. I hope my seniors at 21 JHS never leave 21 JHS and still at the same grader so we can meet and laugh together
8. I hope I can be a student president of my school so I can be closer with them
9. I hope I can play 'Floating Time' song with a guitar so I can make myself happy
10. I hope I can go to Japan even just once so I can visit the Tokyo Tower
11. I hope I can get 100 on my tests so I can make my parents proud
12. I wish I could enter the heaven when I past away so I can meet my family there
13. I wish I can be a shinigami just like Bleach so I can do Shunpo
14. I wish every people all around of world be happy so the world can smile
15. I wish world have no war so children can play peacefully
16. I wish there are no global warming so the end of the world is far
17. I wish Jacko alive so I can watch his concert
All of it just a little peace of my wishes and dreams, I hope all of them not end just be a dream, but be a reality, amien

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