Monday, May 31, 2010

Ready, Set, Fight!

Next Monday!!
The Final Battle in the seventh grade will starts!!
From now, I'm trying to study harder
Here's the story :
I'm preparing to be ready for the exams
It's a Super Exhausting Exam (S.E.E.) but I have to do it or not
Can I or can't I move to the eighth grade
I have to!
If I failed on the exam, that's very embarrassing!
My predicate on my school will be down!
The Student Organization will 'Say Good Bye' for me
New students will laugh at me
My parents will not show their face anymore at the school
I'll disappoint myself
On the High School I'll not enter the Pioneering International School
Many things will happen if I failed!!
Each day, I try to read the Text Book even just an hour
The most difficult lesson for me is Social
I always gets bad score for this lesson
Many scary scores!
Also, Javanese!
I'm not really sure for this lesson
How I can past this one?!
Help meeeeee!!!
But I have to do it! do it! do it! do ittt!!!!
Settle the Battle's strategy!
Here's My Weekly Dose :
1. A bunch of Social Text Book
2. A plate of Javanese 'Pepak'
3. 4x Mathematics formula book
4. 2x Nationality Text Book and Student Worksheet
5. 10x reading and solve English questions
6. 8x Mind Map for each difficult material
7. 4x Religion Text Book
8. 4x Science reading and summarize
9. 2x Art and Culture reading and Mind Map
10. 3x Music memorize songs
11. Many more!!
I hope it could help me
The exams will starts on 7th of June 2010
I hope my scores were the best of the best!
So everyone, wish me luck!!

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