Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lupin's Puzzle

For about 7 months ago
(Remember! we call him Izk)Izk borrow my manga (Eyeshield 21)
The next day, he told me that he got a letter from a guy who call himself Lupin
But, he didn't show me the letter
He got no proof
I'm not too interest in it
Lupin also gave a question, the question is 'a building who made in nine days'
What kinda weird question is that?!
I'm interested with this puzzle
And Izk said "the letter said that we have to answer the puzzle then we can get the next puzzle,"
I asked "what do you mean 'we'??"
He answered "it's true if the letter is for you, but the letter said that if you need help, you can get it from your close friend (Lupin meant Izk),"
After that, I always think about it
From the start, I think that's weird if Izk didn't brought the letter
Right, we have one suspect in this puzzle
Since that day, I thought there are no progress about it
But Izk told me that the answer of the first puzzle is the school miniature
Gosh?! Such a thing?!
How did he knew??
Since that day (again), if he got a new puzzle, he never told me about that
And he always the one who got the puzzle first, not me
When I asked about that he answered "you didn't take care about it!"
About a week ago, he told me the next puzzle
The next puzzle is : b l ↓ o o d
From this puzzle, the clues are :
1. the writer wrote it on a note book
2. the note book brand is 'My Book'
3. the note book is fake, because the paper is thin
4. the writer is a boy, because the ballpoint he had for wrote it isn't a brand for girls usually wear
5. the writer wrote it and then ripped it
6. the puzzle shows reflection
Izk told me that he got it at my school's pond
hmm...how did he saw it?? such a little paper on a wide place...
That's weird...
I guess Lupin is Izk
He's the one who Super Interest with mysteries
And also my friends not as smart as him, who can make such puzzles
Izk also the one who got the last puzzle with out no crumple
But what's he's goal??
Maybe he gave me a test??
Or what??
That's my mystery, if I get it already, I'll reveal it to him
Now, I'm still looking for it

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