Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mad Mommy!!

This is bad, this is bad!!!
On the last 2 hours ago, there are 2 miscalls on my mobile
When I checked who called me, the number doesn't exist on my mobile
A home number...
Then when I saw it, the number called me again
I answered and I said 'hello'
The caller closed the phone
What's going on??
Then it called me again
I answered and the caller gave me a respond
It's the sound of a woman
Caller : "Hello?? is this *beep*??"
I : "umm...who's this??"
Caller : "are you Anto's friend??"
I : (what?! who is she?!)"yes??"
Caller : "oh, I'm Anto's mother, did you saw Anto?? he didn't went home now,"
I : (hey!! he's your son!! why you asked me about that?!) "I didn't saw him today,"
Caller : "really??? and I heard that you're pretty!"
I : (WHAT?!!!!) *lol
Caller : "I thought he didn't went home because he's playing at your house,"
I : (what the hell are you thinking?!! INSANE!!) "no of course!!" *angry a bit
Caller : "oh...I see.."
*vibrate (my mom's calling!)
I : "uh...mam, my mom's calling, and..."
Caller : "pardon?? you want to call this number again this night?!"
I : "NnnOOOOooo!!" *angry
Caller : "oh, okay then..."
I : "yeah! see ya!"
*thumb press the off button
I : "BAHHHH....!! Crazy Mommy!!!!"
Lina : "geez!! weird!! maybe it's Anto's friend?!"
I : "it could be..."
HUH?!! Crazy Talk with A Mad Mommy!!
If Anto weren't home yet, why didn't she called the school?!
Then, Aya passed my class and I grabbed her into my classroom
I : "what did Anto told you?!!"
Aya : "what's the matter??"
Aya : "what?!!"
I : "okay, answer my question,"
Aya : "as I know, he said '*beep must be want to be my girlfriend! I'm sure of it!' and this morning at my class, he wrote on the whiteboard 'I loves Sea Star, Sea Star loves me, we're happy family'"
I : *a half to dead!
Oh! That's why Anto's classmates always calls my name today!!
Hate it!!!
That's why my relationship status on Facebook has changed from 'single' to 'in a relationship'!!
To make him not too proud at me!!
Hate! hate! hate! hate!! *cries


  1. Oh, I see..
    I'm sorry, I just could say, "Be Patient"..

  2. Yun-chan thank u! :) that's okay ^^