Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Childish Classmate

She is my classmate
Let's call her 'Rana'
At the first time I became a student of 7A, I didn't realized if she is like that
At the first moment, she said that she want to join the Student Organization of my school
I thought she is smart, but after the selection
The seniors decided not to received her as a member of Student Organization
When I heard that, I wonder why?
But a few months later I knew the answer
I found it because of an internal problem of my class
It was started just because of her words
She said 'the owner of Joglo Semar is my father!'
We don't believe it of course!
She has no proof!
One of my classmate, she's a daughter of nasmoco company
How about we call her 'Sani'?
Rana said to Sani 'nasmoco, huh? not like my father Joglo Semar!'
Sani was offended by her words
She cried a lot that time
Even she wrote a note about Rana on Facebook
Then I as the a member of Student Organization had to solve the problem
I made both of them sat on the floor of my class and we discussed about them
The problem finished smoothly
Last day, my friend (just call her 'Nia')told me that Rana cloned her best friend's (just call her 'Liya')blog layout and Nia keep asking why Rana cloned Liya's blog
It's true if Liya's blog is cute and adorable (I like it too!)but just because of it Rana mustn't cloned it!
Many cute blog layout, right? And Rana can search more cuter blog layout too!
Make your own style dude!
Nia asked to Rana when the study tour will up
Nia : 'Rana, why don't you donate some bus for our school study tour?'
Rana : 'why I should?'
Nia : 'promotion of course!'
Rana : 'hmm, I don't think so'
Huh?! If I was Rana, I'll asked my dad for it!
Promotion is the motive of course!
One lie statement proofed
My friends asked me 'Rana is a childish girl don't you think?' and 'why Rana always make her voice cuter? however, it's not her true voice I think'
Many friends hates her because of Rana is childish, girly, and many more
Honestly, it's true I think
And I keep wondering why?
And also a gossip said 'she always wear pink stuffs cause of her mother' but I don't know about it
Anyway, a month ago
She was sick and she should stay at the hospital
One day, I visited her
I saw her beautiful mother
She wears a veil, her skin is white, she's friendly and she also has a nice smile
But her father (or the owner of Joglo Semar maybe,hahah)he wears a short pants, black skin, and he's not a friendly guy!
Oh my gosh, so different
Just like the sun and the moon!
Nia told me if yesterday Rana called her mobile and asked what's the material for tomorrow's test
Nia answered Rana
Rana said 'thanks, anyway, congratulation, your 'Ignoring Rana Plan' is succeeded!' then Rana closed the phone
Nia wondering why Rana knew about that, 'as long as I know, the only one who knew about this plan is Liya' Nia said
And things getting worst because of Rana
I think the story of Rana still have a looooong way to go...


  1. Hi dude, Liya said that Rana knew about her facebook's password. So, Rana could open it anytime. :'(

  2. What?! how could she know?! O_O Liya will change her facebook password, right??