Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Little Brother

I have one little brother
He is very cute
But he's so tiny for kids his age
He is the most little student in his class
Now he's on the third grade of an elementary school nearby my house
He loves toys so much
I wonder why??
Now he's nine years old
But he's still sleep besides our mother
It's true if we sleep together in a room but that's not a reason why he always sleep besides our mother
Can I make him independent??
Maybe I can, but I think it's hard...
Now he's sitting alone on the floor besides the curtain still hoping that mom will let him absent tomorrow
C'mon he had a long holiday two weeks ago!
If I were him, I'll miss my school so much!
And also he always plays my laptop when he have a long holiday playing Pet Society and Bus Driver all day
When I home, he still play those games!
Great, now he's sitting besides me looking at my aunt's laptop screen, I guess he want me to borrow him our aunt's laptop
Nice try!
But he's kind (but sometimes)
And if he want study harder, he'll be a brilliant kid
I'm sure about that
He just like 'the diamond in the rough'
Lil bro, I hope you can be smarter and be more confident!


  1. excellent writing, interesting topic, and i love your darling little brother, too ;))

  2. Thanx aunty ^^ anyway, there's a little mistake, u did commented with my account, aunty ^^;; but, it doesn't matter