Friday, May 21, 2010

'Curtain Never Shuts'

Is a Farewell Party for my seniors...
The stage was settled
Many chairs in front of it
Red carpet is out
For seniors (especially from the last Students Organization members)
Many days we've past
From zero until now
At the matriculation program
We don't know each other
But after weeks we past
We know each other and we also share many things
The members of Student Organization...
I'm so jealous looking at them
They looks like a big family in my school
Friendship, Love, Sharing, Family they have it!
I like them so much and I keep wondering could be it happens now...
But I think that's really hopeless...
A group of smart students who will be you never found anywhere!
I gonna miss all of them :'(
Then for my former's girlfriend
Haha, yeah it's senior Meta
Take care of my former 'kay?? :)
Then for the 'Mami'
hahahaha XD
Thanks for trained us 3 months ago
All of you are the best! X)
If we have a competition again, please come to school again!
Don't worry about the meal! hahaha
For all of 9th grader seniors, Good luck on the Senior High School! Thanks 4 everything! Gonna miss all of you! 21 JHS really proud to have seniors like all of you! X')

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