Friday, January 27, 2012

CV. Ichiban!

Hello readers :) next Wednesday (1st February 2012) I, Novi, Amel, Via, Yogis and Fahmi will sell some foods, drink and stationery for our IT lesson. Our CV name is Ichiban and Ichiban stands for number one in Japanese language :D We sell these things so I hope you would like to buy it ;)

Our brochure, I created this anyway, lol

Choco Krunch - 2.5 K

(from left to right)
Ring memo - 8 K
3D memo - 8 K
Angry Birds memo - 4 K

(from left to right)
Cactus pen - 6.5 K
Nut eraser & ruler - 4 K
Bear pen - 3 K
Animal eraser -2 K
Animal mechanic pencil - 3 K

Tissue - 2 K

Coreng (Fried Chocolate) - 4 K

Here are our products that we can't display
Milkshake - 5.5 K
Barbie doll pen - 3.5 K
Hamster head pen - 3.5 K
Mechanic pencil - 3 K

Want to order? Just contact our CP or post a comment below with your name, class, and your order, we'll be waiting! ;) (P.S. buy a lot of them, you won't regret it XD )

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  1. Konnichiwa...
    Oneesan..., you sell mechanic pencil color blue like ice?