Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stucked Up

Hi everyone! It's February already. Yesterday morning the IT project started. Guess what? I brought an orange luggage wheels! Yeah, and it was full of the stationery that I'll sell. At the first time I thought it might be easier to bring all of them in a luggage wheels, but I'm clumsy and you know that. Last night was rainy so there were so many pools of water on the road. It stucked me up -_-"

When I arrived at the class, I saw my classmates preparing for the project and the fact was they don't bring a luggage wheels like me. They brought tongs for the water and something like that. Even Yogis brought blenders for our milkshake. While Via asked her relation to carry ice blocks for the milkshake. And in the morning, Novi fried the fried chocolate with her mother. Ah yes, and Amel didn't back to Semarang and join us because she was still in Jakarta for her film casting. Everyone was busy.

It was about break time, or should say the time we should sell our products. The IT teacher asked us to bring our products to the IT room and prepare the stand for ourselves. Fahmi and Yogis tagged/booked the stand for us while Novi prepare the milkshake and I & Via prepared the fried chocolate.

First break, a lot of students came to the stands. The foods and milkshake that we sell sold in a second. While the stationery not sold out as fast as the food and milkshake. A little dissappointing. But it doesn't matter. Maybe someday I'll sell them :) 'He' ordered the koko crunch. But I forgot... --" The last koko crunch was sold to a junior. But don't worry, Via bring it today ;)

Last day was a great experience and the thing that you should know, I went home with my full-of-stuff luggage wheels. Luckily, mom picked me and we directly went to Hermina Hospital because my lil bro want to put off one of his tooth. After we went there, we went to Paragon. I bought GADIS Magazine and NAKAYOSHI :D But awkwardly, there was no Bleach or Black Butler tankoubon -_- *sighs. I forgot that I got a homework to draw my school for Art class and Biology summary... But I can handle it so don't worry :D *lol. The last thing was we arrived at home at 9 PM and I still wore my school uniform...

N.B. maybe on the next post I'll post the photos when the IT project :D don't miss it, readers!

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