Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9C's IT Project Photos

Today Novi gave me the photos when the IT project, BUMS, of our class. And as I promised, I'll post the photos. The thing that you should know that we sell those foods, milkshakes and stationeries on the Ceremony Court of our school and we were using Novi's Nikon SLR Cam. I'm the one who took a few of these the photos. Enjoy! :)

Ahya and Ayu's IT group; CV. Halloween :)

Me, Fahmi, Via and Yogis :D

Raka and Dahliya was really sweet! XD

The stuffs :)

Cute? Of course! :D

Putri, Ila and Novi ;)

I ordered this on Laila's CV. E and F, E stands or Elsa and F stands for Fathul ;)

Counting our profits :D

Say hi!

Wibi X Aufal Pre-wedding photo XD lol

Aldi's richness! lol

Counting, counting and counting

My personal stuffs

'He' ate the E while I ate the F :*

Dungdung couple :D LOL!

We share the fun, the happiness, the sadness, that's 9C :)

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