Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Share the Sweets

Happy Val's Day! :D Today I surprised 'him' with my plan. I gave 'him' a Val's Day greeting card with a heart  fantasy lollipop on the back of it. I choose lollipop not chocolate. Chocolate only have one color, while lollipop have many colors like rainbow. As you know, our love story doesn't moves without any riddles and some kind of that. But there are much of happiness and glad that we share together. Our love story have many colors like a rainbow :) Otherwise if I give 'him' a chocolate I guess it's not only the sweets that I can give to my bf. And I love being different like others as long as it is still normal and not too quirky :D

Here is the card that I gave to 'him', I gave it on the second break :) I made it on my own

so lovely~

we signed the card with our signatures XD

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