Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our 10 Months

A legendary day for me is today. Yeah, it's our 10th months anniversary :) I'm happy because this is the most longlast-moment I'm in a date with a boy XD But the truth is today is full of tears and doesn't running out very well. Guess what?? I, 'him' and Liya was on 9D class. When Liya wents out and left us in the classroom, 'his' mother picked him up with an awkward face. TERRIBLE! you know why?? Because the truth is 'his' mother doesn't let her children go on a date -__-" *sighs* I can't concentrated on studying since 'he' went home with 'his' mother even tomorrow we'll still have a Try Out... I'm blaming myself after what happened... And also, 2 days again my little brother will have a tournament in Salatiga with his Soccer School pals. Because of it, I'll be absent from the class for a day. Guess I'll miss 'him'. I told 'him' about this case. When I asked 'him' to come to my class tomorrow, 'he' said 'no'. I was dissapoint until I cried. 'He' said that 'he' miss me. But what does 'he' try to do?? nothing right...?? So the words that tells me that 'he' missed me is a lie...?? :'( I want to trust 'him' but sometimes 'he' didn't show me the right way... I said that to 'him' and 'he' said that 'he' is afraid of 'his' mother. I'm trying to understand 'him' but at least I want an attention from 'him' for me before I go to Salatiga this Friday...