Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Missing Tape

The Scout Competition will be held for about 5 days away
Last Monday, the eighth grader Scout Chamber members had a dancing practice
The operator of the music was (call him Saso) Saso
The music was from Lina's laptop
There are two songs, one for the girls and one for the boys
And last day, Mr.(call him)Pit bought the boys music tape
Then he gave the tape to the boys yesterday
When we were having a practice, even one of us didn't realized that the tape went gone
In the afternoon, we were about starting the practice the Mr.Pit asked where's the tape
One of us, even one of twenty can't answer Mr.Pit's question
Mr.Pit went upset and he told us that he wont train us until we can find the tape
We were looking for the tape, but we had nothing
We know that we are disappointing him...
All of us hope that he can forgive us
Well, maybe he can but he wont give us any responsibility anymore...
In this two days, we almost doesn't have a practice meanwhile the competition is near...
Until now, the tape is missing and we can't find it yet

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