Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Month of 2010

Phew, it's December already
Gonna leave 2010 less than a month
And it means that dad's birthday will coming soon
I already bought what did I want to give him as his b'day present last week when I and my friends from 21 JHS and 111 JHS went to Jogja
Psst! I bought him a brown Dagadu T-Shirt, well I think it's unique and looks cool if my dad wear the shirt
'INDONESIAN DREAM BAND' a creative shirt that I bought for my beloved dad
Anyway, now aunty is studying on Vietnam
She contact me on Facebook and told me that she arrived at Vietnam and she asked what did I want for a souvenir from her
So I asked for a Vietnam key chain because I'm collecting for nation key chains
I already have a Singapore key chain that I got from my senior and a Bei Jing key chain that I got from my home stay buddy
Today, Lina and (call her) Ahyu back to Semarang
Last day they went to Jakarta for the students exchange
Anyway, the Scout Chamber won the competition
But there are some conflict with the Junior Scout Chamber members since the competition
And many terrible things happened since the competition
By the way about the Scout Chamber, I missed the training so much
When we'll have a competition we'll have a After School Training, but since the competition was over there are no training anymore so I missed the training so much
Oh, I almost forgot
Next Monday, my school will have a mid term semester test
I hope I can do this test properly so I can get good marks
Because last exam, I felt guilty to my mom and dad 'cause I got standard (or maybe lower than that) marks...
I really hope I can fix those scores this time
Next, Oh yeah, I already finished reading an English novel that aunty gave me last year
I finished it less than two days, actually I can finish it sooner since I got the novel
But I have no time for it (oh, really?? FAKE BUSINESS WOMAN! #lol)
The English novel named The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
It's about a life of a normal boy who experience many interesting things in his daily life
Aha! I remember!
There's an interesting thing that I want to write here
Last Saturday when the 111 JHS and 21 JHS students went for a hang out we went to 21 Cinema
Actually, this is not my idea
There, all of us were 20 kids and 3 parents (less than or more than)
A couple of minutes later, the other students of 111 JHS and 21 JHS came and we met there
The main plan is we gonna watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows together
But the ticket was sold out already, so they decided to watch Tanah Kusir Ghost
I have no interest for such a film that I think that's a dummy-and-scary film
All I got from watching horror films just the screams and it makes me less money and time
I'd rather to go to a toilet than watch a film like that
So I decided not to watch the film and state my reason to them
They said I'm no fun, but whatever they say
But when I, (call her) Artha and Angel (they come with me because they also didn't want to watch the film, Angel was afraid and Artha have no interest for such a film like that) want to leave the cinema, I met my last former and his girlfriend
Then when I, Artha and Angel was eating at the food court, we met (call him) Sekti and his family
And I heard someone told that she saw the English teacher at the mall
And I started wondering 'actually, this place is 21 Cinema or 21 JHS?? the students, students exchange, teachers, alumni are here' #lol
Oh! Another interesting story!
It’s about one of the 111 JHS student, (call her) Gina
The second term from 111 JHS arrived at 21 JHS on 2 AM
When they arrived, they were so tired
Some of them went fell asleep, but some of them were walking around the school
One of them was Gina
Gina is a Chinese
Then she told me ‘when I was walking around there’s someone that peeked me’
I asked ‘what do you mean someone??’
‘Well, umm…the second floor class which have a yellow curtain??’ *pointing at my class
‘Hey, that’s my class!’ I answered
‘Yeah, a girl in that class was peeking at me when I have a walk’ she answered
Gee! A ghost in my class…
Well yah I heard rumors that in each class of 21 JHS is haunted
Especially the former Students Organization Room and 8G
And one of my friend that can see ghosts (call him) Fani, told my senior when he was playing hide-and-seek with no one
My senior asked ‘What’re u playing??’
‘I’m playing hide-and-seek’ he answered
‘With who??’
‘With him’ *pointing for nothing
I guess he was playing with his ghost friend
Because his mother told me that he have a ‘friend’ in his house
And that friend is a leak
Interesting right?? (perhaps, a little scary)
Guess what?? I’m waiting for the end of the month
Waiting for Xmas?? Nope
Waiting for New Year?? Nah
I’m waiting for HOLIDAY!
I love Holiday so much
Honestly, if there’s a long holiday, many home-works that the teachers gave to us
But the most important is NO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING! #lol
No heavy bags, no wasting money, go travelling, eating all day, reading comics, watching movies until midnight, less reading, relaxing my body, sleeping for a day, meet my dad, and many more~!
I hope this holiday can be more interesting than last year!
Last year was great, I hope this year can be better than last year
And all I have to do is get good marks on my mid term test
Phew, there are so many interesting experiences!

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