Monday, July 12, 2010

First Day School!

Today is a new day
I'm officially became an eighth grader student!
I dunno whose my new class teacher, either the new class
When I arrived at school this morning
I found many friends asked me how's the new class
I just said that I came to dusa last Saturday but the gate was closed
So I didn't knew anything about it
All of the new eighth graders were entered their own class
So I entered the beloved class, 7A
I was there, I met (call her Esti) Esti in the class
She also confused how's the class rolling
Then Nia, Rana and Yani came
A few minutes they arrived at the class, a teacher came in
She brought a bunch of papers and a glue
That's the new class list!!
After that, we saw the list
Esti stayed in 7A class, coz she is a student of 8A
I kept looking for my own class, and...
Here it is!!
I'm on 8E the same as Liya, Lindri, Lina, Gela, Ani, and many more that I recognized!
I'm so excited!
But at the same time, I missed 7A so much...
The new class teacher is Mrs. Nur
She's a biology teacher, she id kind, patient and gently
But class is full o' smart persons!!
How can I match them?!
Anyway, Nia's class is the most 'dangerous' class, most of 'em are the master of the masters guys!! WOW!!
At least, I'm not in the same class with Anto! *sigh Thanks God...
And Anyway, I became a prefect in 8E
And Lina became the Vice~

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