Sunday, July 18, 2010

When Heroes Are Come Back To The Action!

Last Saturday we heard an announcement from Senior (call him Tama) Tama (he's the Student President in 21 JHS and also the chairman of Chamber Scout and Paskibra)
He said by the school's microphone "all of Chamber Scouts members from 8th grade, please gather at the canopy right now,"
I and Lina heard it when we were at the Teachers Room when we were looking for Mr.(call him Hari) Hari
We were surprised! What?! Our ears didn't heard it correctly or he slipped?!
We came to him and asked "Senior, you said 8th grade, right?? don't forget senior, you're already a 9th grader student!" and he answered "That's u! the EIGHTH GRADER!"
"waaaaaaa!!" all of the Chamber Scouts of the 8th grader jumped, cheered, smiled and we were happy!
The Chamber Scouts of the 8th grader went broken and now, they're back! bye bye for anyone-who-asked-for-the-next-chamber-scouts-election! *lol
All of us was waiting for the meeting, we talked, we had a vent, and anything that we want to talk
2 hours past, we were tired for waiting
Then the meeting was started
The 8th grader Chamber Scouts come back!
And, we had a special training from the Chamber Scouts of 9th grader
The training will be start on Next Monday until Friday!
But the problem is Ani, will she join us again...??
I hope so
She made a mistake but for once and I'm sure that she could change herself be better than anyone else! All she need is a second chance...

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