Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tour the Tournament

Yesterdat, my lil bro Rio and his Kubota soccer school squad had a tournament in Kavaleri field, Ambarawa.I, mom, dad and Rio started the journey from home 6:22 AM sharp. We decided to have a breakfast first at KFC Srondol :)


I forgot what time did we arrive at Kalaveri field, but I got some photos :D


Warming up! XD

Strategy meeting

Rio and dad ;)



We took a lunch in a restaurant and when we about to went back to Kavaleri field, we passed Rawa Pening and we saw this amazing view :)


And anyway, on Kavaleri field there's General Soedirman statue, here's the pict ;)


On the back of the statue, there's this historical wall :)

Me charming lil bro :*




And here are the photos of the third game of my lil bro's game







Kubota lose on the last game, but they succeeded to move to the semifinal this Sunday :) Here's the crazy pict of dad XD lol


Before we went home, we took dinner in Pizza Hut Banyumanik and I finally ate Beef Lasagna~ :3


My delicious Beef Lasagna :9

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