Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our First Year Anniversary

Hello viewers :) today, Sunday, March 11th 2012. Guess what? YES! Our first year anniversary XD But still I've got a lotta things to do for example, on 9 AM I went to Putri's house, practicing for the Music Practicum Test. On 11 AM, I should go to school for preparing for PE Practicum Test. Well, 'he' picked me up with the "orange-alphard" (a.k.a. Angkot :D) Then we walk down the street to Indomaret because I've to buy something; SNACKS XD We arrived at home then we watched Paranormal Activity 3 on 'his' laptop. Anyway, 'he' wanna write something in this post :)

I ate the lollipop that she gave to me in Val's Day 2012. And we took pictures for this.

Lol. I love his write :) I hope we could celebrate our second year anniversary #AMEN. Down here are the greetings that our friends gave to us via Twitter :D Big thanks for all of ya guys :*

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