Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's First Satnite Dude!

This Saturday Night, 'he' came to my house :D for your notes, today is our satnite that we through together so I really excited with this~ 'He' came because no one was in 'his' house so 'he' decided to come to my house ;) Well, in my house, 'he' ate fried rice that I made. 'He' also opened 'his' Twitter and Facebook account. 'He' is so cuuuttteeeeeeee XDD want to know why? Because 'he' is adorable. It's okay right if I bolded and underlined the word adorable? Because HE IS. 'He' also played football with Rio in my house, they were really having fun of it :D love you boys~

'He' designed a running Nike shoes by himself and here's the pic :)


Isn't that sweet? XD I hope we can through Saturday night with 'him' again #AMEN :*

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