Friday, March 9, 2012


Have I told you that Amel is sick? Well, let me tell you from the beginning. On Monday, when the Ethics class was runnning. She fell asleep besides Via. She was sitting next to Via. When the break time bell was ringing, Via tried to make Amel awake. But Amel's breath wasn't stable. Then, we layed her body on the chairs. Ms.Fuk tried to help. We also tried our best to help her. Ms.Fuk called Mr.Oky and asked him to bring Amel to the nearest hospital. Amel rushed to Banyumanik Hospital. And now, she's still in a hospital. But yesterday she decided to move up from Banyumanik Hospital to Telogorejo Hospital. As I know, her sickness is caused by her asthma. She can't breath normally without oxygen tube. Yesterday, we visited Amel on Telogorejo. The number of person who visited her was 18 from 22 :D Naufal, Fahmi and Ayu didn't come with us because Fahmi and Ayu got an additional class. But I dunno about Naufal. I, Novi, Via, Masyitha, Ichi and Ila went there by Via's car. Via's car was amazing. Guess what? A white Alphard --" On the first time, we decided to go there by angkot (a.k.a the orange Alphard, lol) but Via told us that she'll lend a car. I'm surprised when I realize that we'll go there by with an Alphard, lol XD

Anyway, the boys went to Telogorejo by Wibi's car. When they went to the motorcycle parking lane, they had a fight with Senior High students --" I guess the problem was just a miss-understanding. Unfortunately, Raka got some punch from the Senior High students. While Aufal wasn't hurt even he wasn't touched by them just a finger. Geez. I'll say, the boys weren't lucky last day. And as we know, Mr.Oky is kinda an Intel person. Yeah,  he knew about this case and he told the ninth grader this morning; not to look for a fight. One thing that he should know, last day was unpredictable for boys of 9C -_-"

Is this week is 9C's most unlucky week? *sighs

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