Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dish of Love

A few days ago, 'he' visited my house. Guess what? 'He' cooked an omelette for me :$ isn't that sweet? This is the first time my bf cook me something to eat, so it was really exciting for me -^^- Here are the photos that I took \m/




Yummy Omelette by Chef Fathul XD

And also, I cooked a dish of fried rice for 'him'. I cooked for him on Friday, 11th March 12 :) yes, in the day of our first year anniv. Here are the photos :D

Not so tidy but actually this is my original dish cooked on my own :)


I really love to spend my time with 'him' and I also wanna be the best as I can for 'him' {}

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