Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Guy

So like, have you ever adore somebody? yes I'm having that feeling right now. We were close since nov 13. He's my classmate. When we were on a trip to Bali, he confessed to me. He's having the same feeling as I am. I accepted him. And there he was, my boyf. After I got home from Bali, I told it to mom and dad but unfortunately they disagree to see us together. Maybe it's bcus I'm a moslem while he isn't. Idk. Now he's my precious partner. Sometimes I called him ciwis, or bendel, or piggi, or bonar. So many way I can call him haha. He's a funny guy. Not so smart but hilarious, I like it. Now he's my chairmate. He's pretty loyal but sometime he can turn into a nasty friend ahahahas-_- What I like from his appearance is his eyes. So deep. So gorgeous. But also thrilling. Idk, maybe you guys don't believe it but when you see this guy in person, you'll get it.

  This is us, yesterday at a restaurant nearby our school haha

Thanks for the treat dude!

See? I told ya he's hilarious

We're not in a relationship any longer but I'm glad we can keep ourselves close to each other :)

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