Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fashion Point of View

Hi guys, good to know when you read this post. Well I decided whether the page viewers are many or not, I'd make my blog as my fashion blog. So here we go guys. First of all, tbh ppl around me said that when we show our skin too much is a vulgarity/outrageous/something like that. But I think they just judging the person with its outfit. Hello? We're talking about fashion & art. Don't claim a bad attitude to the person with too-much-showing-skin ppl. I know if Indonesia is a country with a big percentage of moslems but we're doing this by the fashion point of view, not religion point of view or behavior point of view. So quit judging about someone who shows too much skin bcus they're just express themselves. Fashion we're talking about and fashion is UNIVERSAL!
Enjoy this post guys!

I'm excited for this fashion blog project, hope you guys supporting it :) Respect!

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