Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bunny ❤ Teddy Bear

"He's" a teddy bear while I'm a bunny. 'He' calls me 'My Chubby Bunny' while I call 'him' 'My Teddy Bear'. Well, he gave that name first for me then I called him back with that name I really love it when he calls me that name.

The fact is a rabbit symbolize a girl while a bear symbolize a boy. So I love when I see a couple of a rabbit and a bear, because it reminds me with the guy I love so much :)


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  2. me too.. my bf call me as bunny.. while i call him as teddy..
    teddy-bunny love does exist..!!

  3. @Secosemarang : sure :) why don't you put information about Semarang Great Sale? like this Blog =>
    @Dear Amirol : agree!! XD long-last for you and your bf ;)