Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November!

Today is 1st of November 2011. It seems so fast. Two months again we'll leave 2011 and 2012 will come. In this month, there's a good-number-date. Yes, it is 11/11/11. The day when the New 7 Nature Wonders of World will be declarated. I hope Komodo Island be the top 7 XD #AMEN It's November already, I'll let-off my Students Council President throne to the chosen eighth grader. I hope the Students Council for the next generation is better than my generation #AMEN :) And also, good bye for my birthday month. See you again next year :) #AMEN So, what's your #novemberwish ??


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  2. Thanks :) I saw your Blog already. You're Blog's picture are good and I like it. But I should translate the posts one by one because I can't speak or understand your language --" and thank you for the offer :)I'll do my best