Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Wishes List

You know?? I haven't say my wishes in this year (and I realized it just now)
So I guess I will subscribe those wishes that I wish for this year to be happen
Okay, here's my Wishes List :
1. Be a good Students Council President
2. Go to Malaysia and Singapore
3. Win the last Scout Competition in my last period become an active member of Scout Chamber
4. Win the Manga Competition this year
5. Spend holiday at Jakarta
6. Have good scores in every tests
7. Have good marks in every tasks
8. Have good results in every Semester Report
9. Enter the 5 Top in my class
10. Be a good friend for everyone
11. Could buy at least 2 Basketball Balls myself
12. Be a nice daughter for my parents
13. Be a good sister for my little brother
14. Can ride Skateboard or Inline Skate
15. Be more diligent than last year
16. Can take my family to Mecca
17. Can have lots of Manga
18. Could buy at least 2 real Manga from Japan
19. Make a Manga by myself and could release it in the end of the year
20. Could have a Scanner Machine
21. Can play at least 5 songs with acoustic guitar (Giita)
22. Could finish read Al-Qur'an at least 2 times
23. Could use Adobe Photoshop CS4 properly
24. Can make a Slam Dunk at 21 JHS Basketball Ring
25. Can speak Japanese
Well, at least that is my 25 Top Wishes in this year

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