Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Waiting for New Year

First of all, Happy New Year 2011 guys!
Be better than 2010!
I want to tell my experience when I was waiting for the Year Switch
On 31st December 2010, I and my family went to Taman Anggrek Mall
There, the most favorite place is its 'Sky Rink'
Sky Rink is a wide ice rink where kids even adults can play or practice Ice Skating
This is the first time of my life I try such a thing
I never try to play Inline Skate or Ice Skating but a few weeks ago I tried to play Skateboard (my brother taught that to me, lol)
When we want to enter the rink, a Chinese man who wearing a Bali jacket talk to my father
"Hey, how many person that would you like to pay??"
"2 kids," my dad answered
"Okay, would you like to have a charter with, I would pay for your kids and you give your money to me so we can get 50% discount for two persons"
Dad agreed
20 minutes later, I and my little bro enter the rink
I was so excited until I got nervous
My little brother enter the rink and he can skate quickly
But when I enter the rink, I ALMOST wanna slip!
So I caught the pole who stacking besides the rink
Since that I started to think this is TERRIBLE
A few minutes later I can skate slowly and ROUGHLY
I just like a disabled guy who skate on the rink and make the entire rink looks bad
On the rink, I saw many amateur which skate even worse than me
But there were a few people which can skate beautifully
Remember the Chinese guy?? HE can skate beautifully!!
Wow! Total Expert!
An hour past, the clock shows 8 PM
And I realized that we should get out from the rink at 9 PM
A little bit I want to try to skate I always fall hit the ice
And my butt ALWAYS hit the ice
That hurts a lot!!
Even sometimes my little brother laugh at me
And when he fall hit the ice, I laughed at him
But in the end, I also fall hit the ice...darn...

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