Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No Title Needed

'He' is such a moodbreaker ughh! Last day when I texted 'him' I thought he'd reply my text but he didn't. I texted 'him' cus I know he'll be on 'his' way back to Semarang yesterday. So I asked 'him' whether he'll start 'his' journey back to Semarang yesterday or not. I dunno at what time 'he' will get back then I texted 'him'. I was waiting and there was no any feedbacks. Then I tried to call 'him' but 'he' hang up the phone. I'm getting worried about what happened to 'him'. Still no feedbacks. At least if 'he' can't answer my call just reply my text would 'he'? Pfft. I know if his grandpa's house have no such thing as good mobile signal but at least gimme a respond puhlease? I'm gettting angry to 'him'.

Then my phone just vibrated, 'he' text me if 'he' was gonna back to Semarang and 'he' questioned me why am I angry to 'him'. FOR GOD'S SAKE WHY THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME! Well, 'he' didn't realize why I got angry and that's really SUCKS. I'm angry and also dissappointed :( If 'he' can't realize about little things like this how can we become a good couple? Who treat each other well? Look, I'm not back-stabbing 'him' right now but I have no friend to talk now cus actually this is a ridiculous problem. A ridiculous problem that 'he' didn't notice. Hmff.. Now he sent me some LINE chat. I just read his chat, wondering if 'he' could notice my dissappointment. But I guess it'll take a long time for 'him' to notice this.

Okay I guess that's all for today's post. It feels a lil bit better when I typed about how do I feel right now. Oh yeah, catch me at Street Gallery this lunch time! I'll be there wif my Elementary School besties. Have a nice day!

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