Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hi Readers

Hello guys, it's been a while. Now I'm very bored cus I don't have stuffs to do. Yup, no texting wif 'him' cus he's still on his vacation in Jogja with a very poor mobile data signal, no homeworks to do (cus I have no mood to remember what are the homeworks), no instagram, ask.fm, twitter, path, fb, whatsapp, tumblr, line and blahblahblah notifications. Today feels so boring. I dunno why I'm writing this post but I must say I'm not an active Blogger since forever. Many things happened to me till I guess I can't declare those problems here cus I know "the bad guys" would have a chance to stalk what they wanna know about me. But thanks God for giving me strength to ignore those bad rumours about me. I don't really care about my haters now, cus just like people said, "haters gonna hate". I just gonna smile or laugh when they said something rude about me. Maybe they know my name, but they know nothing about what I've been through.

Now I'm a 11th grader student in an unpopular SHS in Semarang (haha). But lucky me I entered this school, cus I think I can make a distance between my haters and me. Forget about the haters hahaaaa! Thanks God I'm a Science student and I'm willing to get a scholarship after I finished my school. I'm looking forward to have Undip or UI as my future college, so wish me luck. But I really wanna go abroad. At least I can be an usefull person in this world by doing that, amen.

I just finished tidy up my blog. When I open this blog of mine, I saw myself with an 4l4y photo on the header. All I can say is "Oh my Goddd" hahahaa. I was an alayers back in several years ago. Anyway, for you readers, if you want to reach me you contact me!

Twitter: @elsaelningtyas 
Instagram: @elsaelningtyas
Path: Elsa Elningtyas
Facebook: Elsa Elningtyas

All you have to do is follow me/add me then say the code! The code is: hello I'm the reader of your blog!
Easy right? Don't forget about this k?

Ah yes, and now in high school I have two besties. One of them is a big fan of Demi Lovato and Kristen Stewart, she has a gold-sound (true!), she's the fourth rank when we moved to the 11th grader. While the other one is a fan of J-Rocks and Barca, if I can't finish my homework I always go to her table in the morning to copy her answers lol

Alright then, I'm tired of typing (haha), catch ya later!

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