Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday! 1

Haven't I told you?? Yesterday I, Rio and mom went to Margo City Depok. The car is already fix ;) thanks God. So we start our holiday journey. We arrived to Margo City at 1 PM. We haven't take a lunch yet. So we decided to have our lunch in the food court of Margo City.

My little brother, enjoying his meal XD

My meal~

After that, we look around Margo City. It's been so long since the last time we visit this mall ;)

Rio wanted to buy a pair of futsal shoes.And you know what does he want?? He wants th latest model of F50. We explored from one to another sport shops in Margo City but we didn't find the thing that he want.

Oh yes! It's end of year, and there are sale anywhere and also here, in Margo City!

Next, we tried to look for the shoes in Cinere Mall. Rio knew a popular a sport outlet in this small, its name is Fisik. When he look around in Fisik, I was looking around for something else. I won't buy a futsal shoes just like my lil bro don't I?? So I visited Cindy, Yayang and Gramedia bookstore.

Finally, Rio found what he want. In this place!

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