Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tiring Trip

It's holiday! This holiday I and my family are having holiday in Jakarta. We went to Jakarta yesterday by our car, Panther. We started to go at 6 AM from Semarang. And here's the story ;)

We saw this McD truck when we were on our way to Jakarta :D

We haven't eat for breakfast yet, so we stop by Pringsewu in Tegal for having breakfast.

My little brother while playing xD he tried the toys one by one

On waiting :)

Q : What do you see from the picture above? ;)

Then we started to move again, anyway the weather is cloudy ;)

Bad news, our car's engine won't start and we stucked in Cirebon for about 30 minutes

Strangely, the weather before is cloudy and hot. But a few moments later, the rain fell down.

And also, when we were on Cikampek, we can't see the road because of the heavy rain >.<"

After rain :) when we were about to the exit of Tol Cikampek

Toilet! lol xD

Uh-oh! our car's engine was moody again! So we stucked in Depok, nearby University of Indonesia

Luckily, there was a kind-hearted angkot driver, so he help us pull the car :)

Because of daddy's clumsyness, the rope went broken and we can't pull our car anymore --"

It's late already, I saw my watch and it shows it was already 8 PM. So mom decided to move our belongings to the angkot. So clumsy but extraordinary! xD Then our car was put on the angkot driver's workshop :)

We were helped by the angkot driver's friend, Mr.Arif to drive the angkot to our home :)

Finally, we arrived at home by angkot at 8:55 PM. And we start to clean our messy house.

The things that we got in our refrigerator

The cleaning time over at 10 PM. And daddy asked our house guardian to buy some seafood. Daddy fell asleep. While I, Rio and my mom were eating our seafood xD

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