Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Countdown

It's December 30th already. 2012 is almost here! So much things happened in 2011 that I can't forget. Anyway, here are the 13 best things that I experienced in 2011 :
  1. I'm in a relationship with 'him' on Friday, 11/3/11 18:18
  2. I'm fourteen! (13/10/11)
  3. I went to Singapore and Malaysia with my teachers and pals in sister school program (20/2/11)
  4. Started my Fashion Blog with Devina (29/10/11)
  5. Succeeded regenerate the new Students Council President and its members (28/11/11)
  6. Watched Timnas Indonesia VS Bahrain in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (6/9/11)
  7. Became the 'Pemimpin Upacara' who disband herself because the headmaster gave me a birthday cake on my school's 34th birthday (1/10/11)
  8. Won the Putri Kartini competition, and also for the first time wears higheels for formal occasion (21/5/11)
  9. Ended my 'term of office' as the Students Council President of 21 JHS Semarang with OSIS 21 10/11 (28/11/11)
  10. Finished my first oil painting (3/12/11)
  11. Have a little happy family :)
  12. Have best friends that I can always count on ^^
  13. Would say alhamdulillah because I'm still one of billions of moslem and my God is always Allah :)
Okay, I think those are the best for me :D what about you?? ;)

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