Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leia By Megurine Luka

Let me hear your voice; Erase this sinking heart
I'll paint on the canvas of lies
Today again
I feel like I've reached the endless illusion
"What should I call it?" the temperature doesn't change
Before laughter eats away at my insides
I locked in today; the future I think of is grey

Fantasy that I wanted; Deserted lies
If you want, let me hear it

Leia... I embedded the love that overflowed from the heart
Ecstasy that overlapped with your voice is far away
If there's a form, if it's going to be destroyed
I don't need these two eyes; embrace me

Eternity slightly stopped its breath
And left me to go to despair

When the sound of the clock hand stops, the world is going to end
Words that only hope don't have any meaning
Laugh a little more, pray a little more
If you can't hear me, then just kill me

Leia... Let me hear your voice; erase this sinking heart
I'll bury the canvas of lies with you
If there's no way to leave an evidence of you and me
Then burn me and kill me
Leia... Leia...

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