Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sweet & Bitter

Red ribbon unites us
Sweet love in my tongue
Taste bitter but also sweet
Just like chocolate…

Everything seems brighter than yesterday
A pink orchid blooms
Rose glooming enchantingly
But why clouds are showing its darkness?
Why the mirror won’t show my reflection?

Even though, will he still here?
Breath of mine is the reason why I still here
Will I be okay in this middle field?
Standing on top of valley while staring at the dark sky
Hoping for the sun appears
Tears of my eyes start to wet my cheek
When I close my eyes, I remember your smile

Daisies waiting for shiny sun
Grey clouds in the sky make the distance further
Song in the opera fills the empty air
Chocolate cracks and swallow it

Happiness and sadness that we always share
Becomes a novel and also drama
Happiness as music in love story
While sadness as the war in a swamp

Love sonnet praying for a happy ending
Story of mine and my sweet heart
Feels bitter and sweet…

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