Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What’s Up??

Long time no see, I haven’t post a new post in this few weeks…
I’m confused about what should I write in my new post
Even I can’t figure out when I was writing this post in Microsoft Word while listen to Justin Bieber’s ‘Eenie Meenie’
You know what?? I’m interested in piano
I know I’m learning guitar and drum but still I want to try piano
I’m not really good in guitar because when I try to move on to the next chord I can’t do it properly and it make the melody worse
While drum, I’m not good in reflect
Sometimes I slip with the part that I should hit when I play it
I think piano or keyboard is easier, well I think it’s too soon I say this statement
I wanna try piano or keyboard
Mom told me in the first time ‘learn piano sis, wherever you go there always be piano (example: hotel’s meeting room, ball hall, etc)’
I should listen to her from the beginning… #regrets
Let’s talk about another thing, hm, let’s see…
Several days ago, I learnt about Adobe Photoshop
Well, I’m not really good at it so I’ll start to try it
I start from gradation of a picture (simple thing, hahah)
It’s the basic of Adobe Photoshop
When I already get the point I start to try background
Background isn’t as easy as the gradation…
So I think I should try some more
Anyway, I’m thinking about my Students Council President’s vision and mission
One of it is Friendship Art Performance
In the beginning the students of my school vote for me because of this point
They really hope we held this occasion but it’s already end of April while we’ll have exam on June
Can it be held?? There’s not much time for it…
But I still hoping for empty time that my school can spend for this occasion
About the Sport Friendship Competition, it’ll be held on the 2nd week of June
Everyone’s so excited about it
And a couple of days before it, there’ll be Camp again and the Scout Chamber Members will have the honor to have Camp for twice
It’s really fun but something’s missing…
You can guess it, yea, ‘he’ won’t come with us to the Camp
But I’m still hoping he could join the camp, lol
Huff…I’m run out of topic…
So I guess I will end this post, well, see ya on the next post

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