Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long Road

A long road that I walk
Seems will not take me to an end…

By the night I walk, the day I past
It’s an unpredictable life
Why is everything so confusing?

An ending looks so close but when we come closer it turns far
Daisy in the snow
The cold weather tries to fail someone
I’m looking for day…
My soul roars inside me
Entrusted heart in me starts to lie
Won’t somebody come?
Fairy tales and dreams are world of empty things

Story of my life feels so cold without you
Listen to those screams
Crushing heart melodies
Tears of clouds always makes me wet
Mad clown staring at me with sharp eyes
Wild sharp fangs try to attack me
Sword breaks the red rose
The white world turns cruel and dark world

Hoping for the light comes
Make me wants to rip my life story book
I’m still walking in this long road
The life road that I walk seems will not take me to an end that I looking for…

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